Acting as your primary HR Advisors or an extension of your existing team for one off projects or longer term commitments

OmniHR Is Ready For You:

We make sure HR works for you with HR practices that have the most impact on productivity and revenue, engaging staff in your vision and gaining a competitive edge over your rivals.

You can deploy us as your primary HR Advisors or as an extension of your HR team as extra resource to tackle essential but transactional HR duties, so you can focus on more valued added activity. We’re here too for specialist advice on strategic HR initiatives drawing on extensive experience of HR in commercial environments.

Manage Your Cost

Expert HR services without the headcount and associated cost (FICA, FUTA, SUTA, insurance premiums, 401k and workers compensation insurance)

EHR as You Need It

Interim help or full time/ part time HR advice and support. If you need an HR professions hourly, weekly or monthly, OmniStaff is here to help.

One Off Projects

HR policies and procedures, redundancy & reorganization, outplacement support, labor law compliance, employee record management

HR Professionals Backed Up By a Team of Experts

Employee benefits, payroll and tax filing, workers compensation and workplace safety and workplace training.

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